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Uploading Plugin Configurations and OpenAPI Schemas to the TORO Marketplace

When uploading your plugin configuration to the Marketplace, its equivalent OpenAPI schema gets uploaded as well. But before you can upload anything, you must ensure that you are signed in and the fields in the Info tab are populated.

To upload your plugin configuration and OpenAPI schema, you must go to the Marketplace tab and:

Uploading to the Marketplace

  1. Provide the documentation URL via the Doc Url field.
  2. Select the configuration you want to upload via the Config field.
  3. (Optional) Provide an icon for the API. This icon will be used when displaying your item in the TORO Marketplace.
  4. Click the TORO Marketplace button at the bottom right part of the user interface.
  5. If an icon is not provided, the plugin will ask you if it's okay to use site metadata instead. Either provide an icon or permit the plugin to use site metadata to proceed.
Your item will not be published publicly immediately

Anything you upload to the TORO Marketplace from the plugin will be saved to your organization's private repository. To make any of your items publicly available, you have to publish them from said private repository.

Specifying the API's version is important

By ensuring the specified version is accurate, users who plan to use your configuration will be able to discern whether or not your configuration is up-to-date or not.