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Bug Reports


Upon encountering a problem, you may visit the TORO Docs to OpenAPI support page in order to access product resources and get in touch with the community and support team. From this page, you can:


You may also visit our issue-tracking board to log bugs there directly. To do so:

  1. Log in.
  2. Click the Create Issue button and then fill up the appearing form with details about the bug. Ensure that the issue type is set to Bug and the project should be DEV: Docs to OpenAPI.
  3. Click the Submit button.

When reporting bugs, we highly advise providing as much information as you can so our support team and developers can identify your issue immediately and work on releasing a fix as soon as possible. A good report will contain the following bits of information:

  • A brief, yet descriptive summary of the issue (title)
  • The series of actions that led to the occurrence of the issue, what you were expecting, and what actually happened
  • Resources you have that can be used with the given steps in order to reproduce the issue (e.g. plugin configuration, link for API documentation)
  • Relevant log messages