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Importing Plugin Configuration From a File

To import a plugin configuration, you must have a copy of the plugin configuration file. The file can either be in a ZIP archive format (.zip) or JSON file format (.json). Once you have your configuration file ready, you may proceed to executing the following steps to do the import:

Importing Crawler configuration

  1. Under the Crawler tab, click the Import button located at the toolbar.
  2. Select if you'd like to open the configured documentation page in a new tab or just the current tab.

    There are three import options. Which one should I choose?

    Docs to OpenAPI plugin configurations are tied to their respective documentation page's URL. After importing, the plugin automatically opens this URL.

    Open in new tab opens the configured documentation page in a new tab. The second option, Open in current tab, opens the documentation page in the current tab. Lastly, Open in current tab and ignore URL allows you to open the configuration under the current tab's URL.

  3. Check the Exclude OpenAPI data checkbox if you only want to import the Crawler configuration, leaving out data in the OpenAPI tab.

  4. Click OK.
  5. In the file selection dialog, select your configuration file.
  6. Afterwards, wait for a couple of seconds for the plugin to load the configuration.
Plugin data may also be included in the import

If the configuration file also defines plugin models, then the OpenAPI tab will be populated with data from the configuration file upon successful import.