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Docs to OpenAPI v1.1.0 Release Notes

Docs to OpenAPI v1.1.0 was released on January 31, 2019. This version redesigned the user interface so as to improve user experience and make it more compact:

v1.0.0 UI

v1.1.0 UI


  • DTOA-142 - Support parent selector in crawler
  • DTOA-148 - Add help a button for documentation or tour page
  • DTOA-150 - Create a onInstall function hook
  • DTOA-151 - Add CSS Inspect function to highlight a CSS class by clicking on it
  • DTOA-159 - Add Guided Tour with Sample API docs upon first launch of plugin
  • DTOA-161 - Redesign and improve the UI
  • DTOA-174 - Add trademarks when producing OpenAPI specs
  • DTOA-176 - Add unit test
  • DTOA-178 - Automate reloading of extension
  • DTOA-180 - Make guided tour shorter


  • DTOA-204 - Use latest docs to open api icons
  • DTOA-209 - Replace the svg/icons inline to icon classes
  • DTOA-213 - Lower case the marketplace id
  • DTOA-223 - Wait for the page to be completely loaded before it can run the app
  • DTOA-226 - Remove unused and unnecessary files
  • DTOA-227 - Launch new tab when config is imported or downloaded from marketplace
  • DTOA-233 - Compile and create a library for all the icons used in Docs To OpenAPI
  • DTOA-250 - Move the status dialog inside the app
  • DTOA-261 - Create a separator or different background for toolbar in Crawler tab
  • DTOA-265 - Improve the schemas, tags, servers, security tabs toolbar to be more intuitive
  • DTOA-281 - Change the logo to white
  • DTOA-287 - Improve popup dialog
  • DTOA-290 - Add Help button tab to end of top level navigation
  • DTOA-292 - Improve the toolbar under openapi operations tab
  • DTOA-293 - Highlight the element in the page when the selector field is focused
  • DTOA-297 - Add js style guide
  • DTOA-298 - Add "New tab" option when importing config
  • DTOA-313 - Update the settings icon
  • DTOA-314 - Rename Crawl Docs to Run Crawler


  • DTOA-2 - Change info url from '' to ''
  • DTOA-12 - Marketplace ID is not getting sanitised
  • DTOA-13 - Dropdown content is not showing with limited height
  • DTOA-26 - Data is not being persisted after reloading the app
  • DTOA-35 - Unable to upload config with same info url
  • DTOA-74 - Unable to upload config to the marketplace, throwing 400 when uploading.
  • DTOA-76 - Regenerated config produces invalid results
  • DTOA-87 - Crawler strategy and global are not saving properly
  • DTOA-108 - Produces OpenAPI specs is not leading the path with forward slash
  • DTOA-122 - Uploading to the marketplace gets the wrong name
  • DTOA-128 - Tooltip text is not getting word wrapped