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Launching Docs to OpenAPI

You must have the plugin installed

If you don't have the Docs to OpenAPI extension added to your browser yet, visit the plugin installation page.

Launch the Docs to OpenAPI plugin

  1. Open your API documentation web page.
  2. To use the Docs to OpenAPI extension, click the Docs to OpenAPI icon from the Chrome Menu. By default, extension icons are placed at the right end of the address bar.

    I have Docs to OpenAPI installed but can't see the plugin from the Chrome Menu

    If this is happening to you, the plugin is either hidden from the Chrome Menu or disabled.

    If it is hidden from the Chrome Menu, click the More menu (three circles stacked vertically) and you should be able to see your plugin's icon from there.

    If your plugin is disabled, go to the Google Chrome Extensions page and enable Docs to OpenAPI first. After enabling it, you should be able to launch the plugin by clicking on its extension icon.

Plugin not opening

In some cases, launching the Docs to OpenAPI plugin right after installing does nothing. To resolve this, just refresh the page.