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Summary of Features

Generate OpenAPI Schemas from HTML

The Docs to OpenAPI plugin can easily pick out and identify the operations of an API through the use of CSS selectors present in the API's web documentation page. With operations identified, it can crawl the page for you to fetch API operation definitions and finally, using this information, generate OpenAPI specifications for the API.

Full Control Over API-Crawling Configurations

Every property visible in the Docs to OpenAPI interface affects the to-be-generated OpenAPI specification. This means you have full-control over the contents of the schema Docs to OpenAPI will produce, allowing you to represent the API more accurately. You can even go beyond 'vanilla' crawler settings by hooking up your very own crawling strategy and using any of the helper methods exposed.

Reusable Configurations

Not only can you create crawling configurations for an API's documentation page; you can also save and reuse your configurations repeatedly by exporting and importing.

Share Configurations via TORO Marketplace

Access Docs to OpenAPI configurations published by other users or share yours using the TORO Marketplace.

Multiple OpenAPI Specification and Crawler Configuration Versions

You can create multiple versions of an API's schema using the Version property. This version also translates to the crawler configuration's version. You can upload multiple versions of an API's OpenAPI specification and/or crawler configuration to the TORO Marketplace using the Version setting.

Friendly User Interface

You can worry less about familiarizing yourself with the user interface because Docs to OpenAPI's user interface is intuitive and descriptive.

Hover over properties to show their description

`Operation Url` property's hint