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Release notes for Martini Online v1.6.0

Martini™ Online v1.6.0 was released on May 28, 2021. This version includes numerous UX improvements:


MO-3621 - Include MR version in about dialog MO-3648 - Add topic Object converters and formats MO-3649 - Add "Add Function" menu item to Gloop Service and Gloop Template editor's add menu MO-3650 - Navigator one-liners improvements MO-3651 - Open the help view by default MO-3652 - Show contextual help for selected one-liners in the Navigator MO-3654 - Split Gloop API wizard into a consume and create API wizard MO-3655 - Add import jars menu MO-3656 - Dropdown toolbar item menus improvement MO-3657 - Reorganize New context and dropdown menus MO-3658 - Hide file extensions in Navigator for items under the "code" directory MO-3659 - Rename wizards MO-3666 - Add ability to open a Martini package's documentation when it's started MO-3667 - Gloop service editor tree improvements MO-3672 - Add create new service to the create API wizard MO-3679 - Rename one-liners MO-3682 - Add support for installing demo packages from the welcome page


MO-3665 - Broken guided tours due to the changes in the navigator and gloop editor's context menu items MO-3676 - Location field is empty on newly created package


MO-3670 - Update "All Wizards" modal tree item MO-3681 - Update Martini favicon MO-3684 - Update Martini logo and icon MO-3685 - Update Martini loading screen