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The basic anatomy of a Event Based Workflow

In this section, we discuss the bare basics of Event Based Workflow so that you could get a good grasp of how to build up workflows with states and transitions, pass data around, and make automated decisions.

The Event Based Workflow definition is where you define your workflow. Here, you tell Event Based Workflow all the steps of your workflow represented as states and transitions to let it know where to go after each step.


States represent the individual steps in a workflow. They come in the form of circles that represent a business process which could be an action or a decision based on data or human interaction.



Transitions are what link states together. When you have just one transition between two states, it is automatically understood that after completing the action associated with a state, you would like to move on to the next one. In the case that one state branches out to two others, transitions need to declare an event that they correspond to. These events will determine which transition to use and what state to go to.