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TORO Photo Studio 1.1 release notes

TORO is proud to announce the release of TORO Photo Studio 1.1. With this release, new features were added to maximize the productivity when using the product.

Now, you can add image and text layers to your images. You can also make some simple tone adjustments like changing the contrast and increasing the saturation and brightness.

This version also introduces the Watermark Editor, where you can create and manage watermark presets. These presets can be applied on all images exported in one click.

Another new feature for this version is the ability to add e-commerce connectors other than the connectors shipped with the product. You can also create your own connector using the new Photo Studio SDK.

With this update, Photo Studio is now better than ever.


1.1 Built on August 17, 2017

TORO Photo Studio 1.1 is now available for download. If you update to version 1.1, it will come with the bug fixes below.

Bug Fixes

  • [PS-105] - Wrong Parameter Issue
  • [PS-222] - Picture Box not disposing properly
  • [PS-226] - Empty textbox when moving shoot causes ArgumentException
  • [PS-259] - Frame is not correct on unsaved cropped outline
  • [PS-266] - Profile and Connector sub menus are lock when changing Shoots
  • [PS-274] - Saving bug if adjustments tab is Active
  • [PS-275] - Distorted Picture on Export
  • [PS-279] - Catch exceptions coming from the dlls
  • [PS-293] - Unable to move the image on image overlay when is out of bounds
  • [PS-298] - Selected Crop Ratio is not following Selected Crop Outline from Canvas
  • [PS-301] - Layers only allow one layer
  • [PS-341] - Improve Magento Connector
  • [PS-343] - Active Connector is not changing when changing Shoot
  • [PS-345] - Progress bar is not properly showing number of files on Upload
  • [PS-354] - Snap Image Fails sometimes when Deleting Photo Items
  • [PS-356] - Small Rectangle are not reflected properly on FlpImage Controls
  • [PS-357] - Default Horizontal Scrollbar Shows Up on FlpImages Control on Panel Resize
  • [PS-358] - Product Panel is not Resize Well on Maximum View
  • [PS-359] - Text Layer is not clearing after Saving the Image
  • [PS-363] - Exporting Profile with no Swatch size throws exception
  • [PS-381] - SQLite Issue after installation
  • [PS-382] - Suppress Install Location on Installer
  • [PS-383] - not installed
  • [PS-385] - Deleting shoot causes exception
  • [PS-386] - Permission issue when Photostudio creates a folder from shoots
  • [PS-387] - Canvas shows white screen after NOT overwriting an image and minimizing the window
  • [PS-388] - Image cannot be saved when not assigned to any product
  • [PS-389] - Image thumbnails are not being scaled properly
  • [PS-401] - Text Box adjustment for opacity not working
  • [PS-402] - Texts in text overlay don't follow the opacity value
  • [PS-405] - Zoom in and out works only with certain image resolution
  • [PS-406] - Warning "Fill up missing credentials" pops when connecting to database
  • [PS-407] - Photo Studio doesn't accept .jpeg file extension
  • [PS-408] - PostgreSQL wont connect.
  • [PS-410] - Cannot import photo
  • [PS-412] - Exception when textbox is empty in Watermark Editor