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Starting up, shutting down, and restarting your instance

This page will show you how to start up, shutdown, and restart Martini. We have provided a variety of ways to do these operations:

Using the CLI script

One of the most common ways to start and stop Martini is by executing the provided CLI script. You can also pass arguments to the following scripts to specify how you want to start Martini.

  • For Windows: <martini-home>/bin/toro-martini.bat
  • For Unix or macOS: <martini-home>/bin/toro-martini
Argument Description
run Default. Starts Martini.
start Starts Martini without outputting the logs in the terminal.
debug Starts Martini in debug mode.
stop Shutdown Martini.

For example:

$ <martini-home>/bin/toro-martini run

Using the CLI tool

The shutdown and restart commands are also available in the CLI tool. Take note that in order to use these commands, the CLI tool needs to be connected to a Martini instance.

Command Description
shutdown Shuts down the application
restart Restarts the application

The --now argument is required for both commands.

Using the Martini Runtime Admin interface

The Martini Runtime Admin interface also provides a way to shutdown or restart a Martini instance. To do this, click the power icon in the top right of the page (beside the user icon) and choose Restart or Shutdown.

Shutting down or restarting via the Martini Runtime Admin interface

Using Martini Desktop

Shutdown and restart operations are provided in Martini Desktop. To shutdown or restart Martini via Martini Desktop follow these steps:

  1. Right click the Martini instance in Navigator view; this will show the context menu with the actions we can do for the instance.
  2. Select Shut Down or Restart.

    Instance context menu

Using RESTful web services

Martini also provides REST endpoints for shutting down and restarting. Send a PUT request to the following endpoints to shutdown or restart Martini.

  • <martini-base-url>/esbapi/system/shutdown
  • <martini-base-url>/esbapi/system/restart

Authentication required

The endpoints above require authentication. You can read more about supported authentication schemes, which are Basic and OAuth2.