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Throttling with Redis

Martini's throttling feature allows you to limit the number of allowed service invocations per unit of time. To do this, it needs to keep a record of service invocations that have already occurred. It stores this data in an in-memory data store by default, but you can configure Martini to use Redis instead. To use Redis:

  1. Create a Redis database connection and name it monitor-redis.

    Check your license

    Your license must offer Redis support in order to create a Redis database connection.

  2. Update the application property throttling.datastore so that its value is redis.

  3. Restart your instance. If successful, you should be able to see this log message in the console:

    05/08/19 14:56:51.556 INFO  [ThrottlingBeanConfig] Using redis Throttling datastore for Throttling API