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MongoDB query editor

The MongoDB query editor is Martini's dedicated editor for MongoDB queries. This editor is displayed when you open a MongoDB query file (.mongo). It features content-assist and validation to help you create your queries faster and with ease.

MongoDB query editor

When creating a MongoDB query, you must provide a value for each of these fields:

  • Connection, which indicates the MongoDB database connection to query;
  • Database, which indicates the database in the connection to query;
  • Collection, which indicates which collection in the database to query; and
  • Query Type, which indicates the type of query to execute.


To trigger content-assist within the MongoDB query editor, press . A pop-up will appear right under the line where you hit the key. This pop-up will contain a list of proposals. A proposal is injectable content, often based on the current context.

You can use the and arrow keys to navigate through proposals whilst still having focus on the editor so you can search and select at the same time.


You can format your queries by right clicking on the query editor then select Format. Or by using the shortcut

Export a MongoDB query to a Gloop MongoDB service

You can create a Gloop MongoDB service from a MongoDB query file by right clicking the latter from the navigator and then choosing Export from the appearing context menu.