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Creating a chart from JSON data

To create a report from arbitrary JSON data, follow the steps below:

Creating a chart from JSON

  1. Open the Chart wizard by clicking the chart button of an existing column.
  2. In the appearing dialog, you may choose which type of data to build the chart from. Choose JSON.
  3. Set the JSON data you want to use for the chart. You can use sample JSON data by clicking the paste button on the right-hand side.
  4. Set which properties to use for the y-axis and x-axis.

    It's typical to use a property that has a numerical value for the y-axis. If you are using the built-in sample JSON data, you can use either the download or upload property for the y-axis.

    The x-axis is normally used to display the labels of the items in the y-axis. If you are using our sample JSON data, you can use the name property for the x-axis.

  5. Pick the type of chart you want to use, and specify a name for your chart.

  6. Click Generate Report to finalize your work.