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Release notes for Martini Runtime v1.3.0

Martini Runtime v1.3.0 was released on October 05, 2020. This version's key feature is the ability to browse services in JAR files and invoke them in a Gloop service.


  • MR-4792 - Support custom JMS acknowledgement mode
  • MR-5424 - Bring back field check in Solr
  • MR-5474 - Add authentication one-liner to generated services
  • MR-5556 - Register/Unregister APIs file when they're saved
  • MR-5599 - Capability to delete old log files
  • MR-5707 - Allow creation of custom files and directories inside a package
  • MR-5793 - Support Gloop array inputs in service invoker form
  • MR-5826 - Allow groovy.lang.GString to be deserialized on ActiveMQ
  • MR-5855 - Support date inputs in service invoker form
  • MR-5863 - Add overloaded avro methods
  • MR-5917 - Set value of Gloop object array in service invoker form


  • MR-2535 - Select or create new user on service install
  • MR-4553 - Update tracker text field to include EnglishMinimalStemFilterFactory
  • MR-5416 - Make add web dir configurable when adding a package
  • MR-5579 - Remove possible memory leak on Gloop Invoker one-liner
  • MR-5646 - Add validation to access control entities
  • MR-5648 - Add validation to monitor entities
  • MR-5658 - Add easy way to log inbound HTTP traffic
  • MR-5692 - Flush API doc cache when package properties are modified
  • MR-5693 - Set Swagger and OpenAPI external documentation URL to the generated API doc URL when there is none set
  • MR-5700 - Align 404 error message in Internet Explorer
  • MR-5704 - Suppress cache is already closed messages on shutdown
  • MR-5712 - Support customizing favicon of API doc page
  • MR-5723 - Prevent EhCache warnings on startup
  • MR-5725 - Update examples chatbot asset
  • MR-5731 - Prefix javascript reserved words with underscore
  • MR-5738 - Condense ESB API swagger
  • MR-5749 - Group Postman items to folders
  • MR-5788 - Close WebSocket session when a Marketplace/Martini user's access token is revoked
  • MR-5803 - Do not include 'executionContext' in input parameters shown in Invoke in Browser
  • MR-5848 - Send back challenge headers on unauthenticated SOAP API requests
  • MR-5859 - Suppress SQL validation exceptions
  • MR-5864 - Groovy compiler is too slow
  • MR-5876 - Capitalise generated SOAP service names
  • MR-5883 - Remove unnecessary suffix from generated SOAP service names
  • MR-5920 - Optimize deletion of packages
  • MR-5986 - Handle ClassNotFoundExceptions thrown when getting JAR service metadata


  • MR-4399 - Unable to get free license after license expiration
  • MR-4969 - Disabling Gloop REST API still shows on API Explorer
  • MR-5311 - Assertion error: application/octet-stream thrown when using File object as response
  • MR-5417 - Invoking example package solr services on browser throws "End of input at line 1 column 1 path $" error
  • MR-5485 - Accessing tracker URL /tracker?id= breaks modal creation
  • MR-5503 - Martini CLI tool not working in Windows OS
  • MR-5527 - Gloop generating an output property for "description" from responses property of an OpenAPI schema
  • MR-5668 - Unresolved GloopModel class error in script and expression
  • MR-5697 - Invoking Greet service from the quick start guide then changing the Response Type throws 'Document is empty' error
  • MR-5713 - Permission error when using python's datetime
  • MR-5734 - Rest API previews for OpenAPI generates double description and Postman has no auth
  • MR-5740 - Connecting to WebSocket using OAuth creates multiple sessions
  • MR-5741 - Generating service from Swagger spec creates directory with an invalid name
  • MR-5742 - Some data not shown on session list page
  • MR-5746 - NPE thrown by Solr API on null FieldStatsInfo
  • MR-5747 - Make "owner" as a reserve word
  • MR-5753 - NullPointerException when generating Gloop services from Postman collection
  • MR-5759 - 500 response code when invoking sample API from the examples package using HttpMethods one-liner
  • MR-5775 - Error in generated services from Postman
  • MR-5778 - Can't parse array of Gloop models argument from service invoker form if in XML format
  • MR-5789 - Incorrect JSON and YAML output for empty model array when nulls are included
  • MR-5791 - Field [stringProp_Martini_Server] does not exist in schema when accessing server UI dashboard
  • MR-5798 - Consuming WADL file on MO throws null pointer exception
  • MR-5811 - Examples for postman and swagger aren't appearing
  • MR-5812 - Incorrect paths returned by PackagePath#walk
  • MR-5816 - Martini Package not starting properly if code folder is deleted
  • MR-5830 - Service invoker displays textarea for BigDecimal, BigInteger, and other non-primitive wrappers
  • MR-5836 - NPE thrown when password is not provided when creating MongoDB connection
  • MR-5840 - Unable to search files under a package that has dependencies
  • MR-5844 - Investigate why JAR gets corrupted when drag and dropped via Martini Online
  • MR-5849 - RamLimit on license UI throws exception on value larger than Integer
  • MR-5852 - 'License is not installed error' is logged when license is expired
  • MR-5853 - 'License has expired' error shown on UI but a different error on logs
  • MR-5861 - Tracker pool joins XA transactions
  • MR-5862 - addChildDocument throws integrity constraint violation error
  • MR-5865 - Unencrypted password is no longer encrypted
  • MR-5870 - Cookie domains aren't supported by the Gloop HTTP client
  • MR-5877 - Creating a flat file descriptor from an excel spreadsheet causes some columns to start with an underscore
  • MR-5878 - Content assists for spring bean method differs on MO and MD
  • MR-5885 - Invalid hostname when consuming a SOAP WSDL from a URL
  • MR-5889 - InstantiationException when setting value of interface-type parameter via @XML
  • MR-5905 - SOAP Services with no output throw NPE
  • MR-5910 - java.lang.Object methods show up in navigator
  • MR-5914 - Cannot resolve value of Gloop model argument with default value
  • MR-5915 - Align icon in shutdown page
  • MR-5937 - Installing free license in MR server edition gets redirected to 500 page
  • MR-5947 - Service won't save using postman
  • MR-5961 - Error in ShutdownMonetizationConfig
  • MR-5963 - Group with users cannot be deleted
  • MR-5965 - Reconnecting via MO returns 500
  • MR-5966 - OOM when executing an SQL query
  • MR-5982 - Duplicated namespace for DS_Store


  • MR-5689 - Update Swagger
  • MR-5797 - Fix CVE-2020-7692
  • MR-5818 - Update MongoDB driver to 4.1
  • MR-5820 - Update jackson databind to 2.11.2
  • MR-5842 - Fix CVE-2020-5413
  • MR-5902 - Fix CVE-2017-18640
  • MR-5967 - Upgrade Groovy to 3.0.5
  • MR-6021 - Fix CVE-2020-5421
  • MR-6022 - Fix CVE-2020-7712