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Release notes for Martini Runtime v1.2.0

Martini Runtime v1.2.0 was released on July 2, 2020. This version's key features are the following:


  • MR-5536 - Add 'priority' field for HTTP filter endpoints
  • MR-5336 - Add support for indexing and refactoring declared classes in Spring context XML
  • MR-5481 - Add support for indexing and refactoring Spring context files in package configuration
  • MR-5316 - Add Kubernetes clustering support
  • MR-5313 - Add ZooKeeper clustering support
  • MR-5314 - Add Consul clustering support
  • MR-5315 - Add Eureka clustering support
  • MR-4656 - Add loginTimeout field to JDBC connection configuration
  • MR-5002 - Create one liners to execute a Gloop template and return the generated HTML
  • MR-5551 - Add request/response injecting HTTP filter endpoint service to examples package
  • MR-5091 - Add ability to DnD methods from spring beans to Gloop/Flux
  • MR-5482 - Ability to invoke non static method in Gloop
  • MR-5543 - Add polyglot support on Flux wait expressions
  • MR-5457 - Expose Gloop API Docs page
  • MR-2999 - Send dependencies in payload to ECC when uploading marketplace items
  • MR-5456 - Create Gloop model for OpenAPI spec
  • MR-4886 - Browsing an FTP Server directory in FTP Client endpoint
  • MR-5642 - Register GraalVM's polyglot apis as Gloop converter


  • MR-5244 - Add length validation for internalId fields in TrackerMethods
  • MR-5448 - Fix precision of LicenseJvmSizeInterceptor
  • MR-5370 - Expose current user as parameter to configured HTTP filter endpoint service
  • MR-5570 - Validate regex patterns used in HTTP filter endpoints
  • MR-5603 - Update 'Gloop' tag in API Explorer
  • MR-5598 - Update libraries
  • MR-3226 - Stop a MongoDB listener endpoint if its database connection is stopped
  • MR-5509 - Allow HTTP filter endpoints to return request and response objects
  • MR-5510 - Allow multiple path patterns in HTTP filter endpoints
  • MR-5447 - Add bodyParts property on io.toro.martini.Message GloopModel
  • MR-5572 - Update ActiveMQ to 5.15.13
  • MR-5578 - Update jodd-mail to 5.1.4
  • MR-5532 - Converter warnings showing when starting mongo listener endpoint
  • MR-5555 - Fix new set of vulnerabilities
  • MR-5425 - Remove outdated classes in log4j properties
  • MR-5418 - Don't require old password when updating it for an MR user


  • MR-2879 - Deadlock when shutting down Martini Runtime
  • MR-3280 - Log4j deadlock under heavy multi-threaded load
  • MR-5531 - Running ErrorHandling.flux on examples package throws an error
  • MR-5469 - Content assist matches return empty array exceptions
  • MR-5519 - Invoking DatabaseCreation.gloop in new tab returns NullPointerException
  • MR-5533 - Running GetStatisticsEndpoint.gloop on examples package throws Could not convert 'NaN' to class java.math.BigDecimal
  • MR-5537 - Running services on customTrackerSearch and customMonitorSearch on examples package throws io.toro.martini.api.APIException
  • MR-5569 - NullPointerException thrown when starting without license
  • MR-5241 - 'packages.home' application property is unused
  • MR-5563 - Running services on customTrackerSearch and customMonitorSearch on examples package throws java.lang.NullPointerException
  • MR-5545 - Deleting document throws Unhandled Error: org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException
  • MR-5544 - Endpoint service picker cannot distinguish identically named services of different types
  • MR-5349 - Invalid generated Gloop Model from XML schema in Windows
  • MR-5604 - Cannot map tag step attributes that are not valid groovy variable names
  • MR-5592 - Starting dependent package throws error on valid pattern after using invalid dependency pattern first
  • MR-5581 - Can't upload packages with no dependency versions to ECC
  • MR-5586 - Missing properties inside Gloop model output when searching for tracker facet
  • MR-5437 - ToroPropertiesChain.getStringArray returns combined value of overriding and overridden property
  • MR-5461 - Tracker resubmit not working on admin UI
  • MR-5472 - Garbled characters on
  • MR-5525 - WebSocket guessing game example is not working
  • MR-5505 - Generated description from OpenAPI is prefixed with 'null'
  • MR-5629 - Running an SQL or Gloop script service that throws an exception gets stuck
  • MR-5608 - OpenAPI schema $ref conflicts on multiple operation same requestBody name
  • MR-5649 - Generated API does not contain services
  • MR-5663 - Generated spec does not include documentation URL
  • MR-5632 - Running an SQL Gloop service throws NPE
  • MR-5650 - Invoking a service in a new tab on a second try throws not found
  • MR-5652 - Stack overflow when opening a Gloop service
  • MR-5645 - Package loads even if there are conflicting service namespaces
  • MR-5670 - Custom tomcat valve not registering
  • MR-4071 - Marking notification as read on server admin UI takes too long
  • MR-5613 - Ad-hoc Gloop mapping is not being updated
  • MR-5549 - Endpoint service parameter 'properties' not injected
  • MR-5655 - Access to modify '' is denied
  • MR-5676 - Fix licensing api with latin character product key causing failure in callback
  • MR-5672 - Wrong property name in generated Gloop service
  • MR-5702 - Report Builder charts does not render on IE due to syntax errors


  • MR-5682 - Update splash screen