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Release notes for Martini Runtime v1.0.2

Martini Runtime v1.0.2 was released on December 3, 2019. This hotfix covers the following issues:


  • MR-4906 - Add support for OutputStream in Gloop output cursor
  • MR-4935 - Error when unloading and deleting multiple packages
  • MR-4939 - Add the ability to throw APIException as one liner
  • MR-4945 - Add one-liners for accessing tracker properties
  • MR-4948 - Unable to query specific invoke document on MonitorMethods.getMonetizationBill
  • MR-4973 - Skip request handler scanning of enum groovy classes
  • MR-4981 - Support refactoring of enums
  • MR-4991 - Change one-liner parameter name and add javadoc for UserGroupMethods
  • MR-4994 - Non-nullable Gloop Model child properties still complains even if the parent model is nullable
  • MR-5083 - Service picker no fails on ClassNotFoundException
  • MR-5096 - Handle null values in StringMethods.encloseString
  • MR-5097 - StringMethods.isEnclosed should return true when all arguments are null
  • MR-5098 - StringMethods.getEnclosedString should not throw NullPointerException when startEnclosure or endEnclosure is null
  • MR-5099 - StringMethods.trimTrailingChar/trimLeadingChar should handle null and multi-character trailing characters


  • MR-4775 - No references found for Groovy enum when enum item is used
  • MR-4776 - No references found when a Groovy annotation is used
  • MR-4777 - Groovy file of kind script references itself when there is a script inside it
  • MR-4799 - When debugging a step with a Breakpoint with a hit count and condition, the hit count is not used
  • MR-4866 - Debugging Gloop Templates does not pause at breakpoints put in first step
  • MR-4891 - Service search with content type gtpl does not return Gloop template files
  • MR-4893 - Package not loading and starting
  • MR-4915 - JMS Error - Failed to build body from content
  • MR-4922 - Fixed width flat file produces incorrect output
  • MR-4923 - API definition that can consume two types of media types always ends up using one over the other
  • MR-4926 - APIException thrown in adhoc/callback service gets wrapped with GloopException.
  • MR-4927 - Flux with a referenced model in a package startup/shutdown service throws errors when package starts/unloads
  • MR-4928 - Unable to terminate flux service in the service manager that is ran from the package via startup service
  • MR-4930 - ClassCastException when using XmlMethods.openXmlOutputCursor
  • MR-4931 - Cannot set readonly property to actionState for class io.toro.fluxengine.model.FluxState
  • MR-4932 - Tracker resubmit endpoint service does not contain the state content when invoked
  • MR-4933 - APIException should not include localizedMessage when returned as XML response
  • MR-4934 - Invalid/old .class files are not deleted after saving a Groovy file
  • MR-4936 - Unnecessary message when deleting an unloaded package
  • MR-4940 - Restrict creation of package when using reserved words
  • MR-4942 - Exporting large Reports doesn't download .report file in Martini Online
  • MR-4953 - Receiving empty response body from Gloop REST API operation with 'Accept' 'text/plain'
  • MR-4954 - Files inside core/queries have the same file type
  • MR-4961 - Server returns 406 instead of 401 for unauthorized requests
  • MR-4963 - ClassCastException when receiving a file event on FTP Client endpoint
  • MR-4964 - FTP Client endpoint service detection issue
  • MR-4965 - JDBC Database throws SQLException: connection is closed
  • MR-4966 - Gloop SQL Service generates incorrect output model name
  • MR-4976 - Errors thrown when creating a service of a JMS endpoint with all the endpoint properties as the service's input
  • MR-4977 - Cannot export MySQL table as Gloop model
  • MR-4982 - Enum values are not shown as class usage in Groovy Engine
  • MR-4983 - Renaming Groovy file doesn't automatically rename constructor of the groovy class
  • MR-4985 - Cannot run generated service from WSDL
  • MR-4988 - Martini complains with missing jsp when visiting a 404 page
  • MR-4990 - Cannot invoke Groovy service from Gloop when its package has a dependency
  • MR-4996 - Creating Endpoint via Gloop with missing required properties causes the package to go missing on MD navigator
  • MR-4998 - FileMethods.resource(String,String) should not check if file does not exist
  • MR-5003 - Iterate step input property is not array in context after invocation in a Gloop template
  • MR-5004 - Gloop model's name do not get updated when renaming
  • MR-5005 - Child models do not get refactored
  • MR-5006 - Unable to load extension module's class when importing a package
  • MR-5013 - UserGroupMethods.findAccessTokenByUserId uses username instead of user id
  • MR-5018 - NPE thrown when $fluxEvent points to a non-existing transition
  • MR-5019 - Unable to use $fluxTerminate event to terminate a flux service
  • MR-5021 - Waiting state does not pause when a flux service has already waited
  • MR-5022 - ResponseCharacterEncodingFilter is adding a charset on non-text resources
  • MR-5024 - Error processing accept header value
  • MR-5026 - Unknown type 'gtpl' error when using service picker on a package with gtpl file
  • MR-5028 - Unable to send JMS message when using RabbitMQ
  • MR-5029 - Invoking a Flux service in a Gloop service throws GloopServiceNotFoundException
  • MR-5030 - GloopModelNotFoundException thrown when sending a flux event with a reference model
  • MR-5031 - Gloop model reference gets lost when refactoring
  • MR-5034 - Find References give unexpected line number when there's a nested Iterate step
  • MR-5036 - Path parameter with schema type object is converted it into a GloopModel
  • MR-5039 - Could not read YAML request body
  • MR-5046 - martini script doesn't work when stopping
  • MR-5050 - Gloop API security basic/oauth not honoured
  • MR-5063 - Moving a Groovy file to another package namespace breaks other groovy that reference to it
  • MR-5065 - Renaming a Groovy file modifies the constructor's parameter name
  • MR-5066 - Cannot render gloop output string array as json
  • MR-5071 - Wrong default value for "/esbapi/tracker/documents" endpoint
  • MR-5072 - Solr response has duplicate states of Tracker
  • MR-5073 - Solr response output only the values of Tracker "Processed" state
  • MR-5095 - Find reference returns references with almost identical service name
  • MR-5101 - Unable to view oracle java classes on javadoc
  • MR-5105 - Moving service to another package does not work
  • MR-5117 - NumberFormatException when accessing the Monitor admin UI


  • MR-4943 - Update libs
  • MR-5017 - stdout and stderr get redirected to /dev/null when start command is used
  • MR-5023 - Silence MartiniEmailClient logs
  • MR-5025 - Upgrade to groovy-3.0.0-rc-1
  • MR-5042 - Surpress Broken Pipe Exception
  • MR-5045 - Log a warning when Basic authN is attempted but is not configured
  • MR-5061 - Re-order input properties on gloop select services
  • MR-5069 - Disallow deletion of web folder when package is running