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Release notes for Martini Online v1.2.0

Martini Online v1.2.0 was released on April 30, 2020. This version brings the following major features and improvements:

  • Support for Redis Pub/Sub listener endpoints. With this new endpoint, you can write applications that react to messages received via a Redis-managed channel.

    Redis Pub/Sub listener endpoint configuration editor

  • Support for sending Redis Pub/Sub messages

    Send Redis Message dialog


  • MO-3268 - Add unit tests for marketplace-pagination component
  • MO-3271 - Add spring context configuration for Martini package config editor
  • MO-3328 - Change redis listener endpoint default document type


  • MO-3264 - Update edit expression and edit comments context menu item icons
  • MO-3273 - Rename Wrap In menu to Wrap With
  • MO-3279 - Update full caps parameter types in rest api editor
  • MO-3282 - Move Document Type field to Tracker Resubmit endpoint config section
  • MO-3285 - Add an option to create a service when creating SOAP API
  • MO-3288 - Labels in model editor tree not centered
  • MO-3298 - Remove File wizard from wizard menu when selecting the queries folder
  • MO-3313 - Exclude database on list when it's not started when creating a query


  • MO-3262 - Added JMS Queues/Topics package dependency is not showing on the list
  • MO-3266 - Incorrect default location when creating a service
  • MO-3269 - Empty edit validate/output expression modal in gloop model editor properties
  • MO-3274 - Adding a new Document type with the same ID updates the existing document type
  • MO-3275 - Reverting Throttling Rule throws an error when trying to save after fulfilling inputs
  • MO-3276 - Unable to view properties of TrackerMethods#searchTracker oneliner when added via content assist
  • MO-3277 - Cannot set input when invoking a one-liner service
  • MO-3281 - Edit path and edit parameter type quickfixes are not working
  • MO-3284 - Invalid Gloop SOAP API file is generated
  • MO-3290 - File Changed modal shows after saving a new database
  • MO-3291 - Dependencies added on the rule doesn't get reset
  • MO-3292 - Adding rule throws an error and sometimes failed to validate the existing rule name
  • MO-3293 - Creating CQL query throws No such database configuration found for name 'schemas'
  • MO-3294 - Deleting CQL query file after saving doesn't get deleted on the editor
  • MO-3295 - Cannot create a MongoDB query and doesn't log any error
  • MO-3296 - 'Cannot be blank' error shows when clearing selected directory and selecting a new one on FTP Client Endpoint
  • MO-3297 - Dropping a step into another step will delete some steps on the editor
  • MO-3301 - Can save scheduler endpoint multiple times using keys( Command/Ctrl + S )
  • MO-3302 - Saving scheduler endpoint using keys changes some of the set values
  • MO-3303 - Cannot create Flat File Descriptor with Spreadsheet(excel) Type
  • MO-3304 - FFD properties view doesn't change when moving from one ffd tab to another
  • MO-3305 - Added Users/Groups on endpoint permission is not showing on the list
  • MO-3307 - Toggling a breakpoint and debugging a service does not change into debug perspective
  • MO-3308 - Terminate button does not work when changing from debug to normal perspective
  • MO-3309 - Unable to create new MongoDB query
  • MO-3311 - Gloop tour instruction bubble blocks text area on step 4
  • MO-3314 - Unable to export MongoDB query to Gloop MongoDB service due to 'Method not allowed. Allowed method(s): DELETE' error
  • MO-3315 - No proposal shown on Parameters in Rest Api Editor
  • MO-3316 - Expanding PATH using expand button doesn't work on rest api editor
  • MO-3319 - Can click edit and delete button when rules are empty
  • MO-3320 - Flux tour blocks user input and miss aligned highlighted area
  • MO-3325 - Setting a service to endpoint doesn't remove the error
  • MO-3331 - Running a service always open a new console tab
  • MO-3336 - Generating a FFD with spreadsheet type throws "No such property: startRow for class: io.toro.gloop.flatfile.ExcelFlatFile"


  • MO-3278 - Update the query search for rules in users and groups dialog
  • MO-3280 - Flux validation errors not showing
  • MO-3283 - Add stateId to the list of Tracker resubmit endpoint invocable properties
  • MO-3289 - Prevent package.xml to be added as spring context
  • MO-3318 - Update tooltips in rule editor