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Release notes for Martini Desktop v1.1.0

Martini Desktop v1.1.0 was released on April 30, 2020. This version brings the following major features and improvements:

  • Support for Redis Pub/Sub listener endpoints. With this new endpoint, you can write applications that react to messages received via a Redis-managed channel.

    Redis Pub/Sub listener endpoint configuration editor

  • Support for sending Redis Pub/Sub messages

    Send Redis Message dialog

  • Ability to invoke SOAP services in the HTTP Client. The HTTP Client will generate a request for every operation exposed in the API.

    Invoking a Gloop SOAP API endpoint using the HTTP Client

  • Automatic format layout feature for repositioning Flux states in your canvas

    Formatting Flux layout


  • MD-3137 - Add automatic layout for Flux
  • MD-3231 - Create Redis listener endpoint editor
  • MD-3232 - Add Redis support to Martini package caches.conf
  • MD-3233 - Add ability to send ad hoc Redis channel messages
  • MD-3275 - Add spring context configuration for Martini package config editor
  • MD-2987 - Implement Martini package dependency restriction on services


  • MD-2816 - Add ability to create Flat File Descriptor from Excel files
  • MD-2944 - Double clicking on a rule in the User/Groups dialog should open the Throttling/Monitoring rules dialog
  • MD-2966 - Add copy namespace menu item to invoke steps for flux and gloop and gloop template
  • MD-3000 - Add validation in response code field if there is no Default response
  • MD-3007 - Add ability to invoke SOAP services from HTTP client
  • MD-3012 - Add ability to show or hide request tree in HTTP Client view
  • MD-3015 - Add support for YAML in Mock Data Dialog of REST API Editor
  • MD-3037 - Add ability to drag and drop a URL alias endpoint to the HTTP client
  • MD-3090 - Add feature to "Add new Tracker Resubmit Endpoint" to tracker state view
  • MD-3109 - Add ability to scroll and filter in set expression with choices
  • MD-3111 - Add "New..." button to Gloop REST API service selection wizard page
  • MD-3120 - Add validation warning and quickfix to REST API editor for mock data type and produces mismatch
  • MD-3127 - Support navigating table columns with tab key in Properties view
  • MD-3133 - Add support for copy pasting a mock data in REST API editor
  • MD-3168 - Better filtering of special events in Flux event dialog
  • MD-3183 - Add MOD1+Return to send JMS message in dialog when using raw text
  • MD-3194 - Make content assist insert/add options more obvious
  • MD-3197 - Add Copy menu items to Gloop template editor's menu
  • MD-3198 - Add context menu to enable/disable mock data when mock body or mock header properties are selected
  • MD-3205 - Add copy, cut, paste menu items to the SOAP API editor's menu
  • MD-3221 - Change the order of clipboard to cut, copy then paste in context menu of REST API Editor
  • MD-3235 - Improve how errors are reported in Gloop HTTP client service wizard
  • MD-3244 - Add return key shortcut to rename property in FFD editor
  • MD-3247 - Add Body Parts parameter to email endpoint service generator
  • MD-3254 - Sort endpoint/package service generator parameters alphabetically
  • MD-3264 - Replace selected text when double clicking on context model tree in gloovy + set steps dialog
  • MD-3265 - Add Copy Namespace menu item for Gloop models with reference
  • MD-3267 - Add a refresh menu item in the mapper trees to refresh properties that reference another model
  • MD-3268 - Add option to use safe navigation operator in groovy script and expression dialog
  • MD-3269 - Add insert path options as menu items in groovy script/expression dialog
  • MD-3271 - Add edit comment and label menu items to editors
  • MD-3272 - When hovering over the timestamp column in the tracker results, show the timestamp as tooltip
  • MD-3274 - Add find references menu item to core methods in the navigator
  • MD-3290 - Change Edit Expression menu item icon
  • MD-3291 - Disable Test Configuration button when there are errors in the database connection config editor
  • MD-3299 - Change the capitalisation of PATH to Path in REST API Editor quickfix
  • MD-3302 - Set proper document type when create a Tracker resubmit endpoint from a state
  • MD-3303 - Move Document Type field to Tracker Resubmit endpoint config section
  • MD-3311 - Support gzip response in HTTP Client
  • MD-3313 - Sort alphabetically database connection names in wizards
  • MD-3314 - IO view tab name is not updated when file is renamed
  • MD-3316 - Remove keyword used when an option is selected in the content proposal
  • MD-3323 - Show a tip only once per session


  • MD-3174 - Rectangular selection of map lines doesn't work when the line is straight
  • MD-3180 - Able to declare a property at input section of mapper view with keyboard shortcut
  • MD-3186 - Validation of the request body is not triggered by changes in Gloop HTTP Client service wizard
  • MD-3188 - Duplicate service invocation input properties
  • MD-3190 - Saving a Martini package makes the editor scroll the form down
  • MD-3192 - After deleting a Flux state it is still selected
  • MD-3202 - Copying multiple properties to a map step causes duplicate declared properties
  • MD-3207 - Error when using Copy in tracker document editor with no selection
  • MD-3208 - Error when using Cut in an attribute of a tag in the properties view
  • MD-3209 - Delete menu item is enabled in the SOAP API Editor when there is no selection
  • MD-3210 - HTTP Client is not using the value of Content-Type header defined by user when body is text
  • MD-3213 - Able to add an operation via drag and drop to the SOAP API Editor even if the operation is already in the API
  • MD-3217 - Error when editing the rolling date of throttling rule
  • MD-3219 - Moving a property changes the current copied property in service I/O
  • MD-3226 - Cannot add a tag step to invoke template step via content assist
  • MD-3239 - Form editors are still dirty after saving using Save As
  • MD-3240 - Open Declaration for Input/Output properties shown in the mapper does not work for Gloop Templates
  • MD-3241 - Open Declaration on Invoke template step I/O properties in mapper does not work
  • MD-3242 - Configuring multiple selected endpoints only opens first endpoint
  • MD-3243 - Errors thrown when right clicking a path node without operations in Rest API Editor
  • MD-3245 - Gloop Model wizard not responsive
  • MD-3246 - Invoke URL doesn't work without imports for auto imported classes
  • MD-3248 - Fix duplicated shortcuts for some commands
  • MD-3252 - Generated Email endpoint Gloop service uses wrong type for subject input property
  • MD-3253 - Incorrect icon for Export > CQL Query from context menu
  • MD-3256 - Fix deprecated types in service invocation properties
  • MD-3257 - GloopObjectObject not using correct class name in Gloop Enabled Groovy Editor
  • MD-3260 - Test endpoint configuration is not working properly
  • MD-3282 - Scheduler endpoint doesn't save as type cron
  • MD-3294 - Errors when opening REST API
  • MD-3301 - Error when clicking a Tracker state from a disconnected instance
  • MD-3312 - Response time label is not showing total time in HTTP Client
  • MD-3320 - Error when invoking a Gloop SOAP API in HTTP Client
  • MD-3321 - Changes in Max Concurrent Consumer property in the JMS Listener Endpoint configuration window isn't picked up
  • MD-3322 - Days field in scheduler allows 0 value and change seconds and minutes minimum to 0
  • MD-3326 - Editing set expression on invoke step show an incorrect context