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core package

The core package is a system package that must be running at all times. This package cannot be imported or exported. Furthermore, its state can only be changed by shutting down or starting-up the instance in which it belongs. The core package does not contribute to any package count limit imposed by a license.

The `core` package

The `core` package

It ships with a number of endpoints, services, models, configuration files out of the box. All of these items are intended for instance-wide use.

Core endpoints

The core package contains various endpoints. These endpoints are used by Martini to handle various functions. You can start and stop these endpoints, and also modify their properties.

Name Type Description
CEJI Jabber endpoint Processes messages received by CEJI.
monitor-indexer-listener JMS listener endpoint Indexes invoke documents to Solr.
monitor-listener JMS listener endpoint Saves invoke documents to the database.
resource-sampler Scheduler endpoint Updates the system resources shown in the Runtime Server Admin interface.
tracker-index-listener JMS listener endpoint Indexes Tracker documents to Solr.
tracker-listener JMS listener endpoint Saves Tracker documents to the database.

Stop and configure with caution

Some of Martini's functions rely on these endpoints. Stopping and incorrectly configuring these endpoints may cause some functionality to not work properly in Martini.

Core services

The services directory of the core package contains Martini's functions.

The `core` package's functions

The `core` package's functions

Core configuration files

The conf directory of the core package contains various configuration files for configuring the Martini instance.

The `core` package's configurations

The `core` package's configurations

Name Description Contains all the instance-related properties.
trackers.xml Contains all the Tracker-related configurations.
trackers.xsd Defines all the elements and attributes in the trackers.xml file.

Core models

The models directory of the core package contains Martini's built-in Gloop models. These models are also used by functions.

The `core` package's models

The `core` package's models