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Gloop service editor

The Gloop service editor is Martini's editor for Gloop services1. This editor becomes visible in Martini when you open a Gloop service file (.gloop). It is packed with features such as content-assist, validation and linting, quick-fix suggestions, and heaps of keyboard shortcuts for power users so you can get the best out of Gloop and Martini.

Gloop service editor

Gloop service editor

The Gloop service editor is comprised of the following components, shown and marked in the image above:

  1. Step editor
  2. Mapper view
  3. Input/Output view
  4. Properties view

  1. There are other special types of Gloop services, such as Gloop script services, Gloop SQL services, Gloop Cassandra services, and Gloop MongoDB services. These types of services have their own dedicated editors.