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Gloop script services

A Gloop script service is a special type of Gloop service that executes a script in a given supported language. It's a hybrid between a regular Gloop service, and a script step. Gloop script services are useful when you have scripts that need to be reused across multiple services.

Gloop script services include the same input and output functionality, but instead of running regular steps, it runs your script, similar to a Gloop SQL service.

Creating a Gloop script service

To create a Gloop script service, follow the steps below:

Creating a Gloop script service

Creating a Gloop script service

  1. Launch the Gloop script service wizard by right-clicking on the target package's code directory (or any of the code directories underneath it) where you'd like to store the Gloop script service, and then select New > Gloop Script Service.
  2. In the wizard, specify the following details:

    • Location - where the Gloop script service will reside; its default value will be the folder where you started the wizard from
    • Name - the name of the Gloop script service
    • Language - the language in which the Gloop script service will be written in
  3. Click Finish.

Launch the wizard using keyboard shortcuts only

In Martini, you can open the Gloop script service wizard by pressing (or in Martini Online) and typing gss in the dialog's search box. After that, press and the wizard will appear.

Editing Gloop script services

After creating the Gloop script service, Martini will automatically open the service for you, and you will be shown the Gloop script service editor.

Gloop script service editor

Gloop script service editor

Here's a breakdown of its primary components:

  1. Language drop-down

    The name of the language of the script service. Languages here will appear based on the operating system that's running Martini, and what else has been installed.

  2. Script text area

    The script itself. While Groovy is the selected language in Martini Desktop, the editor will include all the features of the Groovy editor.