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Gloop SOAP API editor

Like Gloop REST APIs, Gloop SOAP APIs are defined using .api files. Opening a Gloop SOAP API's corresponding .api file shows the API in the Gloop SOAP API editor, where it can be configured. This editor has five parts which are accessible by the different tabs visible at the bottom, described below:

Gloop SOAP API editor

Gloop SOAP API editor

  • The Source tab displays the raw content of your .api file. The content is written in JSON, and parsed by Gloop to build your SOAP API.
  • The Documentation tab displays the description or documentation of your API. The content of this tab ends up in the documentation element of the wsdl.
  • The Operations tab is where you add or remove services that your SOAP endpoint will use in order to process requests.
  • The Security tab is where you set restrictions to your API's availability.
  • The Preview tab displays your SOAP API's corresponding WSDL document and link. Previews for the WSDL document only exist when the Gloop SOAP API has operations and doesn't have any pending or unsaved changes.

Changes and updates

Changes made to a service that is added to a SOAP API would also update the WSDL definition of the SOAP API. Clicking the Refresh button would let you see these changes.

Adding operations

To add a service:

Adding of operations

Adding of operations

  1. Click the add button on the toolbar.
  2. Select the service you want to use from the service picker.

You could also use content-assist to add services by pressing , or drag and drop services from the Navigator to the Operations tab.

Opening a service from the Gloop SOAP API editor

You can open the service used by a SOAP operation by right-clicking the operation > Open Declaration. The service will be opened in the service editor. You can also press on the selected operation to do the same.

Removing operations

To remove an existing service:

Deleting of operations

Deleting of operations

  1. Go to the Operations tab.
  2. Select the services you want to remove.
  3. Click the delete button from the editor's toolbar.