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Generating a Gloop template from an HTML document

Similar to creating a blank Gloop template, the process of generating a template from an existing HTML document is accomplished through the Gloop template wizard. This method is useful if you have an existing project, and you want to migrate your code to Gloop. To create a template this way:

Creating a Gloop template from HTML

Creating a Gloop template from HTML

  1. Right-click on or underneath the code directory of the Martini package where your template will reside. From the appearing context menu, select New > Gloop Template. This will launch the Gloop template wizard.
  2. Provide the name of your template in the wizard, and select HTML as the source. You can also re-specify where your template will reside.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Specify the source HTML in the next page of the wizard. The source HTML can be specified via URL, file, or text.

    Check the Extract Head checkbox if you want to create a separate Gloop template for the <head> tag. This template would be named with a Head suffix. If the name you provided for your template earlier is Index, then the head template would be named IndexHead.

    The Extract Footer checkbox does the same; albeit for the <footer> tag. You can specify a custom class for the footer as well if the content you want is not in the <footer> tag. With this option, the footer template would be named with a Footer suffix

  5. Once you're happy with the configuration, click Finish.