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Documenting a Flux

To provide explanations, or more information about your Flux service, comments are supported. All comments are supplied on the Flux definition itself. This means that when you need to pass around your service, comments will go along with it. You can add comments for the whole service or be specific and add one for each state.

To add comments to a Flux service:

  1. Open the Flux file by double-clicking its name on the Navigator view.
  2. Open the Properties view, if not visible.
  3. Click on the Comments tab.
  4. Enter your comment in the provided text area. You can use Markdown in your comment, if you wish.
  5. Save your comment by pressing .

Adding comments to a Flux service

Adding comments to a Flux service

You can add a comment to a Flux state using the same steps; the only difference being, you have to select the state where to add the comment to.

Adding comments to a Flux state

Adding comments to a Flux state

Hovering your mouse over a Flux state should show that Flux state's comment.