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Defining a Flux transition

To add a transition between states:

Creating a transition between Flux states

Creating a transition between Flux states

  1. Click on the edge of the source state and drag the mouse towards the target state and then release the mouse.
  2. Martini will ask you to provide an event the transition will correspond to. You can leave it blank if you want, like in our example.
Create states and transitions with template proposals

While focused on the Flux service's canvas in the editor, press . This should trigger Martini's content-assist. To create a new state:

  1. Select the state's action first (use and keys to shift choices).
  2. Press to finalize your selection.
  3. Enter the name of the state in the appearing dialog.
  4. Press once more to finalize the state's name.

You should now have a new state in your canvas.

Creating a state using template proposals

Template proposals usually require some additional input like naming a field or selecting another proposal or property, which is why you were prompted to provide the necessary fields through dialogs.