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Help interface

Need help on how to use a feature? Martini Desktop includes a product help interface so you can easily find resources regarding a feature. The help system is built into Martini Desktop, and displays related links to the official documentation website. Which links are displayed depends on the currently selected interface element.

To access the Help interface, click the help icon from the application toolbar.

Help icon from the toolbar

Clicking this icon will bring up the Help interface to the side. Once in the Help interface, you can click topics to go to the official documentation website.

Quickly open the Help interface

Press to display the Help interface.

The Help interface is available in dialogs and wizards

To access the help interface inside dialogs and wizards, click on the help icon found in the currently opened dialog or wizard.

Help interface in dialogs and wizards

Contextual help

Martini Desktop displays resources depending on the current context. The Help interface is dynamic, and will show you topics related to the interface elements currently selected or in focus. The Help interface defaults to the Related Topics tab, where the contextual help feature is available.

Contextual help

Contextual help is also present in the Navigator. When an item is selected in the Navigator, topics related to that item will be shown in the Help interface.

Contextual help in Navigator

Search help

If you need to look for something specific, regardless of what is being displayed in the Related Topics tab, the Help view has a handy Search tab for finding topics. There you can search for any topic, and query results from the official Martini documentation website and support portal will be displayed.

Searching for topics in the Help interface

Help contents

If you want to access resources by topic, you can use the Contents tab. There you will be presented with the documentation website's table of contents.

Help contents


If there are any topics that you would like to revisit in the future, you can bookmark a topic. To bookmark a topic, right click your desired topic from the Related Topics tab. From the appearing context menu, select Add Bookmark. Go to the Bookmarks tab to display the list of all saved topics.

Help bookmarks