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Configuring authorizer with Auth0

We first need to create an account in auth0 then an application for our authorizer.

Application menu

Click the Application menu from the sidebar.

Create application button

Click the Create Application button.

Machine to Machine application

For this guide we will be using Machine to Machine application.

It will ask you to Select an API but choose Cancel and create a new API first. instead then click Create API button.

Create API

Give it a friendly name and an identifier for the API then click Create.

We're now ready to use the authorizer for API Gateway.

Heading back to API Gateway application, select an API to create an authorizer.

Create authorizer form

Create an authorizer by clicking the Create button.

Authorizer Issuer URL

  • The Issuer URL will be the Domain from auth0 Application Settings. Please take note of the ending '/' slash as it is required by auth0.
  • The Audience / Client ID will be the API Identifier we used in auth0 API which is

The rest of the fields will be the default value of the form.

Click Save button to finish the creation of authorizer.