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Creating a REST API with Martini

REST API can be created by activating a published Martini API from Martini Workspace. With the help of TORO Cloud Console we can activate an API without difficulty.

Activate an API menu

  1. Click the Cog button to show the available action and choose Activate API menu.

    Select Workspace

  2. Select Workspace from dropdown.

    Select API

  3. Select API from dropdown. The options are populated based from selected Workspace.

    Enter API name

  4. Enter unique name for your REST API. This will get auto filled after selecting an API.

    Activate API

  5. Click the ACTIVATE button.


  6. After activating an API, the form will redirect you to Routes where you can view the available routes from your activated API. Go to What is a route for more info.

NOTE: You can update the Source API by checking for updates. Go to Updating an API for more info.