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Optimizing web service performance

Running with Tracker and Monitor on greatly impacts TORO Integrate's performance. This is because as requests are received and responses are sent by TORO Integrate, data is also being indexed by Tracker and Monitor. For every transaction, TORO Integrate must create multiple entries in the Tracker database and asynchronously add new related documents to the Tracker and Monitor search indices, all whilst using a broker to channel these events back and forth, ensuring the distribution and execution of these events.

What are the benefits to using Tracker and Monitor?

Monitor services index meta HTTP request and response data and give TORO Integrate the ability to throttle and monetize API requests.

Meanwhile, Tracker services are used to index request and response payloads. Data stored in the Tracker search index is useful for auditing transactions, troubleshooting errors, and resubmitting failed transactions.

Additionally, data from both indices can be used to generate reports.

The throughput impact of Tracker and Monitor on web services is evident in TORO's test on web service performance. In this test, we compared TORO Integrate's REST web service throughput when Tracker and Monitor are both on versus when only Tracker is on. The results went as expected; turning off Tracker resulted in a major throughput boost by 32.48%.

Can Monitor services be turned off?

In most instances, Monitor cannot be turned off and even if it is possible, it is not recommended to do so. Monitor must be able to index every request and response in order to ensure the accuracy of invoke counts, which is vital to API throttling and monetization. This is why in the benchmarking test, only Tracker is turned off.

Turning off Tracker, whilst may improve performance, however, forfeits the ability to audit and troubleshoot transactions, resubmit failed requests, and create reports from Tracker data. With everything said, TORO recommends turning off Tracker if you don't plan on using any of the aforementioned features anytime soon.