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Monitoring threads

TORO Integrate was designed to handle multi-threaded processes. And for convenience, it also provides methods for checking ongoing threads through its administrator REST API and user interface.

Via user interface

To access the Threads page, open the Server Admin UI in your browser. From the main menu, select Server Status and then click Threads from the appearing submenu.

Accessing the Threads page via the main menu

Check your license

The Server Admin UI is only available in the Server Edition.

This page will list down all the running threads and their information. Clicking on a thread name will show an information panel that displays various properties of the thread.

The Threads page showing all running threads in the TORO Integrate instance


TORO Integrate also provides REST endpoints for retrieving thread information. This API allows you to remotely do things such as:

  • Retrieve a list of running threads
  • Retrieve more information about a thread
  • View a thread's stacktrace