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Broker destinations

Aside from viewing broker statistics in the ActiveMQ web console (or the equivalent page of your choice of broker), you can also check your broker statistics in TORO Integrate via the Broker Destinations page of the Server Admin UI. The Broker Destinations page is where all available message destinations are listed, along with their metadata.

Is the Server Admin UI available to all editions?

Only the Server Edition of TORO Integrate includes the Server Admin interface.

To access the Broker Destinations page, select the Connections menu from the main menu and select Broker from the appearing submenu.

Accessing the Broker Destinations page via the main menu

This page will list down all JMS destinations. Clicking on a JMS destination name will show an information panel that displays various information about it.

The Broker Destinations page


TORO Integrate also provides REST endpoints for maintaining and sending messages to broker destinations.