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TORO Integrate Licenses

TORO Integrate comes in three editions: Cloud, Server, and Desktop. For every edition is a set of different license types that your organization must choose from. Ultimately, the features and limitations of TORO Integrate instances are determined by the type of license that is installed on the machine they are running on. Different licenses will mean different options, allowances, or restrictions on:

  • Server deployment modes
  • Usage limits
  • Included endpoints
  • File handling support
  • Development tools
  • Data management APIs
  • API management
  • Transaction auditing troubleshooting
  • Reports creation
  • Search engine support
  • Marketplace integration; and
  • Technical support

It is recommended that you thoroughly analyze your business model first in order to determine which plan works best for your company. To get first-hand experience, you may use the trial version.