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License Installation

After installation and deployment, setting TORO Integrate's license is the next step. TORO Integrate won't work without a license; however, once the license is installed, you may start integrating! Instructions on how to do so are written below but you'll need to create a TORO ID and have your instance running.

Via Server Admin

Only the Server Edition of TORO Integrate includes the Server Admin UI

If you have a version of TORO Integrate that doesn't include the web interface, you will need to install it using the TORO Integrate CLI Tool

  1. Access TORO Integrate's web UI via a browser and click the provided link to begin installing your license.

    You should automatically be redirected to the login page. However, because you don't have a license installed, you won't be able to log in and TORO Integrate will inform you that you need to install your license.

    The login form displaying the *"License not installed"* message

  2. Enter your TORO account details and then click Proceed.

    The TORO website asking you to login before the license is given

  3. Select your organization and license type.

    The TORO website asking you your organization and license type

    There are two options available for license type:

    • Evaluation License

      Choose this option if you have not subscribed to a plan yet and want to try out TORO Integrate.

    • Use Available Subscription

      Choose this option if you intend to use your existing license.

  4. If you have chosen the Use Available Subscription option, you must select which subscription plan you want to use.

    A list of all selectable subscription plans

  5. Click the Generate License button. Doing so will redirect you to the TORO Integrate web UI with the license automatically installed. Congratulations! You may now use TORO Integrate; all you have to do is log in.


To install a license via the CLI Tool, we will be using the following commands:

Command Description
export-license Exports the currently installed license to a file.
import-license Imports a license from a provided file.
install-license Installs a license.
license Prints the currently installed license.
product-key Prints the product key.

CLI Tool and License Maintenance

The CLI tool only allows maintaining licenses on local machines. This means you can't use the CLI tool to connect to a remote instance to perform license maintenance. If you want to maintain a license on a remote machine, you must either use the Server Admin Interface, or use the CLI tool on the machine itself.

  1. Get a copy of your license key from the Marketplace.

    1. Obtain a copy of your product key using the product-key command and then place it on your clipboard.

      > product-key
    2. Vist

    3. Login and select your organization.
    4. Open the Server Editions page, select one of your subscriptions, and then click Generate License.

      How to generate a license

    5. On the appearing dialog, enter the following details and click Submit:

      • The to-be-generated license's description.
      • The product key you copied earlier.
      • The license's number of cores.

      License details form

    6. Copy the generated license. The license will also be mailed to your email account.

  2. Start the CLI tool and enter the install-license command, passing the license key generated earlier.

    > install-license --license "<your license key here>"
    License installed.