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Manually Generating a TORO Integrate License

To manually generate your license via the TORO Marketplace:

Generating a license from the Marketplace

  1. Obtain a copy of your product key. TORO Integrate, after it has been installed and deployed, will automatically provide one for you.
  2. Visit and login to the TORO Marketplace. After logging in, you will be redirected to the Account Dashboard.
  3. From the dashboard, click TORO Integrate from the navigation panel on the left to see the list of TORO Integrate subscriptions you have on your account.
  4. If you don't have a subscription yet, add a subscription.

    1. Choose your payment plan (pay annually or monthly).
    2. Choose which TORO Integrate plan you want to subscribe to.
    3. Add your plan to your cart and checkout.
    4. Provide your payment details in the checkout page.

    After successfully purchasing a subscription, it should now be visible in your list of TORO Integrate subscriptions. If you were not redirected back to the subscription list, manually navigate to said page.

    1. At the static navigation bar at the top and near your account's avatar, click on the Free trial status button. This button is displayed as a gift icon.
    2. At this point, a modal should appear. Click Subscribe.
  5. Select the subscription you want to use.

  6. From the appearing panel on the right, click the Generate License button. Provide the following details in the form that appears:

    • Description - a short description of your license to help identify it better
    • Product Key - the product key you obtained earlier
    • Number of Cores - the number of cores accessible by the TORO Integrate instance

Is it required to manually generate my license?

If you're going to install your license via the CLI tool, yes. If not, then no because the other methods provide a way to automatically generate licenses.