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Deploying your app within a Docker container

Docker makes it easy to deploy and run applications in any environment by packaging the application and the underlying operating system together; making the application ready for deployment at any time. Because of this (and many other reasons), Docker has become a popular choice amongst system administrators and software developers. Nowadays, almost all modern applications have their own Docker images uploaded to the Docker registry, including TORO Integrate.

TORO Integrate was built to run inside a container like Docker which is why running a 'dockerized' instance of TORO Integrate takes just a simple docker run -d -P toroio/integrate command. The guides below will instruct you how to setup TORO Integrate in a production-ready dockerized infrastructure:

You should only use the official Docker image

We recommend using the official TORO Integrate Docker image as some Java images from Docker Hub use OpenJDK instead of the Oracle JDK. TORO Integrate has specific requirements that exist only in Oracle JDK. Some features of TORO Integrate might not work as intended if OpenJDK was used instead.