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Removing CloudFormation-created AWS instances

AWS OpsWorks instances

You will have a list of instances organized in stacks and layers in OpsWorks after the deployment of your CloudFormation template. To remove any of these AWS instances:

  1. Proceed to OpsWorks by clicking the dropdown menu at the upper left corner labeled Services and then choose OpsWorks.

    Accessing AWS OpsWorks

  2. Next, click on the stack you’d like to modify.

    List of OpsWorks stacks

  3. Click Instances from the appearing left navigation bar.

    Viewing stack instances

  4. Stop the instance that you want to delete if it is running by clicking on the stop button under the stack's Actions entry. Confirm your action once a confirmation alert pops-up.

    Stopping OpsWorks instance

  5. Finally, click on the delete link under the Actions entry once available. Confirm your action.

    Deleting an OpsWorks instance

Amazon RDS instances

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is a service that is used to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud.

The basic building blocks of Amazon RDS are RDS instances. An RDS instance is an isolated database environment in the cloud. An RDS instance can contain multiple, user-created databases, and you can access them by using the same tools and applications that you use with stand-alone database instances.

In this portion, we will discuss how to delete RDS instances.

  1. Proceed to the Relational Database Service page by clicking the drop down menu at the upper left corner labeled Services, and then choose RDS.

    Accessing the AWS RDS service

  2. Select Databases at the menu bar on the left to see all existing RDS instances.

    See RDS instances

  3. Select the RDS instance you want to remove from the list that appears. In the instance's page, click the Instance actions dropdown, and then click Delete.

    Deleting an RDS instance

  4. A modal will appear, asking you whether to create a final snapshot of the RDS instance, as well as if automated back-ups should be kept. Make your choice, and confirm your action.

Confirming deletion of RDS instance

The deletion process may take some time to finish. A successfully deleted RDS instance will no longer appear in the Databases tab.