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Installing TORO Integrate on Windows

This page will guide you in installing TORO Integrate on a Windows machine.


Be sure to check out the prerequisites beforehand for seamless installation.

To install TORO Integrate on Windows, follow the steps below:

  1. Run the TORO Integrate .exe file as Administrator.
  2. On the User Account Control prompt, allow TORO Integrate to make changes to the machine. windows-allow-changes
  3. Select your preferred language. The default language is English.
  4. Start the installation by clicking Next on the wizard.
  5. Agree to our Terms and Conditions by clicking on the box.
  6. Select the directory where you'd like to install TORO Integrate. The wizard will show the required disk space for the installation and the free space on the selected disk. windows-default-directory
  7. Optional: select or deselect creation of Start Menu Folder or Shortcuts for all users. windows-start-menu
  8. Optional: select or deselect creation of Desktop icon. windows-desktop-icon
  9. Click Finish.


Here's the installation process in action.