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Directory Structure

This page explains the Directory Structure of TORO Integrate once it has been installed. Files and directories in TORO Integrate follow a structure that was designed to make certain things easy, such as:

  1. Locate, and extract configuration changes, and Integrate Packages when upgrading.
  2. Perform configuration changes.
  3. Move the embedded Solr search engine data to a Remote, or Cloud instance.

The table below lists the directories that TORO Integrate creates when installed, and their purpose:

Directory Content/Purpose
bin Scripts, batch files and shortcuts to start, stop, and restart TORO Integrate. This directory also contains the CLI Tool.
code Gloop Models that appear in the core package in the Coder Navigator, in Coder
conf Properties files used to configure TORO Integrate. Also contains the Groovy file used by TORO Integrate for customizing the Groovy compiler
conf/ceji Text files containing responses used by TORO Integrate CEJI.
conf/jdbc-pool1 XML files that contain database connection pool configuration
conf/transport-connectors1 XML files that contain Active MQ Transport connector configuration information.
core Spring configuration files for TORO Integrate.
data Properties files that contain overridden TORO Integrate properties, and remote server configuration.
data/geoip1 Files used by the Tracker to add Geolocation to Tracker documents
data/hsql1 Files used by the embedded Hypersonic databases.
data/jms1 Files used by the embedded Active MQ Message Broker.
data/solr1 Search Indexes used by the embedded Solr search engine.
data/src-index1 Search Index files used by TORO Integrate for code refactoring, and searching.
data/transaction-logs1 Files used by TORO Integrate to ensure Transactions are executed successfully.
lib Jar files used by TORO Integrate.
logs Log files generated by TORO Integrate.
packages TORO Integrate packages are stored here.
solr Configuration files for the Tracker, API Monetization, and API Throttling.
tmp Directory used by the embedded Tomcat web server to store temporary files.
web Files used by the web interface of TORO Integrate.

Notes when upgrading

If you plan on upgrading an instance of TORO Integrate, you should at a minimum copy the following files and directories before overwriting, or migrating to a new installation.

  1. conf/*
  2. data/*
  3. packages/*

  1. These files do not appear on a new installation of TORO Integrate until it has started.