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Database connection pools

Database connections allow database servers and software to interact with each other in an efficient manner. Of course, this statement still holds true in TORO Integrate's environment.

Using registered database connection pools, services will be able communicate with your databases and perform operations against them. You're also free to remove and update existing pools, as well as enable or disable them.

More about SQL services...

Check out Gloop SQL services and SqlMethods one-liners to learn more about how to execute SQL operations in Gloop or Groovy, respectively. Don't forget to check the examples package for examples as well!

To view the existing database connection pools of your instance, open the Coder Navigator view. Navigate to your instance's entry, and under your entry, expand the Databases node.

Databases, as seen in the Coder Navigator view

Databases, as seen in the Coder Navigator view

Databases, as seen in the Databases page

To perform an action on a database connection pool in Coder, right click its entry and select from the list of actions in the context menu that will appear. Depending on the state of your pool, some actions may or may not be executable.

Meanwhile, in the Server Admin UI, you typically would have to select the connections and click on the buttons at the top of the list of database connection pools in order to perform an action.