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ActiveMQ Artemis as the instance message broker

ActiveMQ Artemis is a message broker that originated from JBoss' HornetQ, which was donated to the Apache ActiveMQ community. ActiveMQ Artemis features non-blocking architecture, high performance, flexible clustering, high availability, multi-protocol support, and more. It is also fully Java Message Service (JMS)1 API-compliant, making it compatible with TORO Integrate.


To be able to connect to an ActiveMQ Artemis broker, its JMS client library must be added to TORO Integrate first. The ActiveMQ Artemis JAR file can be downloaded via the Maven Repository. After acquiring the library JAR, place the file under <toro-integrate-home>/lib/ext/.


  1. Modify the configuration file.

    The connection configuration for ActiveMQ Artemis is located in <toro-integrate-home>/conf/broker/artemis-external.xml. Open the file and configure the uri, username, and password properties based on your ActiveMQ Artemis configuration.

  2. Use the configuration file.

    By default, TORO Integrate uses an embedded instance of ActiveMQ. To have TORO Integrate use the ActiveMQ Artemis configuration file instead, open the <toro-integrate-home>/data/ file and add the following property:

  3. Restart TORO Integrate.

    Before your configuration takes effect, you will need to restart your TORO Integrate instance.

    If everything is configured correctly, TORO Integrate should be able to start. You can verify the connection by accessing the management console under Connections tab.

    ActiveMQ management console, Connections tab

  1. Java Message Service (JMS) is a set of interfaces that allows Java applications to communicate with other messaging implementations.