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ActiveMQ, TORO Integrate's Default Message Broker


Apache ActiveMQ is an open source message-oriented middleware (MOM). ActiveMQ serves as a middleman between distributed applications and operates in an asynchronous manner. It acts like a post office for messages wherein the delivery of messages is accounted for, managed, directed, and guaranteed to be delivered. ActiveMQ can be used to manage the exchange of messages between applications or micro-services and is the default messaging broker used by TORO Integrate.

Embedded ActiveMQ

TORO Integrate uses an embedded version of ActiveMQ out-of-the-box. It is recommended to use a stand-alone instance to improve performance. The following pages in the documentation are intended to help you configure your remote instance:


  • Asynchronous Communication

    ActiveMQ allows clients to proceed with other processes, whether or not the current service has provided a response.

  • Broker Clustering

    Multiple ActiveMQ brokers can be configured to work as a federated network of brokers for scalability purposes.

  • Location Transparency

    The location of the applications don't need to be known which means changes in details about the services can also be made without affecting or disrupting the client.

  • Reliability

    Sources or destinations don't have to be simultaneously available in order to send or receive messages.