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Transport Connectors

Transport connectors define the means (protocol) by which clients connect to brokers. By adding more transport connectors, we can broaden the means by which clients can connect to TORO Integrate's embedded ActiveMQ broker. Transports such as AMQP, MQTT, STOMP and others can be configured, in addition to the default TCP and VM transports that come with TORO Integrate out-of-the-box, as a need for a new transport arises.

Only supported in the Server Edition

Adding and removing transport connectors is allowed if you are running TORO Integrate on Server Edition.

To add, modify, and delete transport connectors, navigate to theTransport Connectors page. To do this simply select Configuration from the main menu and then select Transport Connectors.

Navigating to the *Transport Connectors* page

Adding a Transport Connector

Once you're on the transport connector page, you can add a new transport connector by following these steps:

  1. Click the Add button which will redirect you to the Add Transport Connector form.
  2. Fill the required fields in the form.

    The following table describes the fields present in the form:

    Field Required Description
    Name true The name of the transport connector. Names must be unique.
    Enabled false Indicates whether the to-be-added transport will be enabled upon creation.
    URI true The transport connector's connection URI.

    Below is a screenshot with the form filled in:

    Adding a new transport

    To help you with entering your transport's URI, the form allows you to use a pre-formatted URI string by clicking on the Choose button and selecting any of the options that show below it. You then only have to substitute values in parts of the URI string surrounded with brackets ([]).

    Transports with pre-configured URI strings

    Extra connection options

    It is also possible to add other transport types not present in the dropdown by manually typing their URIs, e.g. nio:// Just make sure that the transport that you're trying to add is supported by TORO Integrate's embedded ActiveMQ.

  3. Click Save.

Editing a Transport Connector

Editing a transport connector is as simple as clicking the edit icon of the transport connector's corresponding entry in the UI.

Edditing an existing transport

Doing so will lead you to the Edit Transport Connector page, where you will find a form containing the configurable fields. Just edit the fields that need updating, click save, and you're done!

Removing a Transport Connector

Removing a transport connector is also simple. Select the transport connector by ticking the checkbox beside its entry and clicking the Delete button.