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Service manager

API Explorer


TORO Integrate ships with a built-in REST API that you can use to remotely administer and maintain your TORO Integrate instances. The API includes many functions that allows maintenance of things such as:

The API also includes support for system functions such as:

The REST API is also exposed as a Swagger document (accessible at the URL <toro-integrate-home>/api-docs/json/swagger), meaning you can test the API in API Explorer, or generate Gloop client services from it. The Swagger file also contains documentation for each operation in case you need more information on a particular operation or API.

A screenshot of the API Explorer displaying an operation.

Use API Explorer

TORO recommends checking out the details of TORO Integrate's REST API via API Explorer.

Ad-hoc REST operations

If you have exposed a Gloop or Groovy service using the ad-hoc REST feature or a @RequestMapping annotation, they will also appear in the built-in admin API.

This API is only accessible when you have logged in to TORO Integrate using your TORO Marketplace account, or when authenticated using an Integrate user that belongs to the ESBAPIAdminGroup group. If this group doesn't already exist, you can create the group and add your desired user account to it.