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Clustered configuration scenario

A cluster is a group of devices, servers, or other resources that act as a single system to promote availability and in some cases, may execute load balancing and parallel processing.

A clustered setup for TORO Integrate involves having multiple servers clustered together in a group wherein TORO Integrate's workload can shift from server to server to ensure uptime and reliability. In a clustered environment, instances are grouped into nodes where they may work together to maintain the desired state of a service. This may be achieved by deploying TORO Integrate in a Docker swarm.

For example, when a TORO Integrate node within a Docker swarm environment becomes unavailable, that running Docker service will be passed to another node and your service will then be picked up where it left off.

Another way to effectively setup a successful clustered environment for TORO Integrate is to configure the different applications embedded in your instance to support your cluster configuration.

These configurations are useful when using multiple TORO Integrate instances in a clustered environment in a way that they can provide a centralized source and destination of data. These may be used for instances, independent or clustered alike: