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Rows and Containers

Report Builder allows you to create report widgets without creating any rows or containers, but they offer layout functionality so that you can align your report widgets by utilizing [Bootstrap 3's grid system][bootstrap-3-grids].

Creating Rows

Rows are what holds your columns. You can insert Report Widgets directly inside a row but it is not advised to do so. You can add rows by simply clicking the plus button on your main container or an existing column. You can add as many rows as you like.

![Creating rows][coder-report-builder-row]

Creating Columns

Columns are the main building blocks for your desired layout. You can add columns by clicking the plus button on an existing row. A dialog will appear where you can choose how many units your new column will have. Unlike rows, columns can only hold up to 12 column units. For example, a row can only hold:

  • one 12-unit column
  • two 6-unit columns
  • three 4-unit columns
  • twelve 1-unit columns (avoid this if possible)

You can also mix and match. For example:

  • one 6-unit column and three 3-unit columns
  • one 5-unit column, one 4-unit column and one 3-unit column

![Creating columns][coder-report-builder-columns]

Responsive Columns

You can further customize existing columns and make it [reponsive][bootstrap-3-grids-responsive]. Click on the options button of a column and a dialog will appear where you can modify the column's class.

![Responsive columns][coder-report-builder-responsive]