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To create a report from arbitrary JSON data, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Switch to JSON Data Tab

Click on the charts button of an existing column. A dialog will appear where you can choose what type of data you will use. Choose JSON.

JSON tab

Step 2: Enter your JSON Data

Enter your desired JSON data. You can use sample JSON data by clicking the paste button on the right-hand side.

Use sample JSON data

Step 3: Choose a Property for the Y-axis

You can choose what property should be used for the y-axis. It's typical to use a property that has a numeric value in here. If you are using the built-in sample JSON data, you can enter either download or upload.

Choose y-axis values

Step 4: Choose a Property for the X-axis

Choose what property should be used for the x-axis. The x-axis is normally used for displaying the label of the respective item that is used for the y-axis. If you are using our sample JSON data, you can use the name property in here.

Choose x-axis values

Step 5: Customize

Give your new chart a name then pick a chart type. That's it, you're good to go. Click Generate Report to finalize your work.