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API Explorer

Creating a Chart from an Array

To create a chart from an array, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the chart modal by clicking on the charts button of an existing column.

    The charts button

  2. Set the data source type of your chart as array.

    In the appearing dialog, you may choose which type of data to build the chart from. Choose Array.

    Setting an array as the data source of a chart

  3. Enter the value of your array.

    Enter your desired array data, or use the provided sample array data by clicking the paste button on the right side.

    Using the sample array data to create a chart

    Live previews + auto-scaling charts!

    Editing the entered array data changes the chart!

    Chart preview changes as source array gets edited

    There is also a Timeseries option if the data you need to input are dates or times. Selecting the timeseries option and feeding the chart timeseries data

    Supported formats

    It is possible to set the date or time format of your data; see supported time formats here. Timeseries time and date formatting

  4. Customize your chart's design and generate your report.

    Give your new chart a name then pick a chart type and you're good to go. Click Generate Report to finalize your work.

    Chart settings