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Upgrade notes for TORO Integrate v3.1.0

This document will cover how to upgrade to TORO Integrate v3.1.0 from an earlier version. Required changes affect broker configurations files only.

Migrating the broker configuration file

If you are not using a custom broker configuration or did not modify your broker configuration, that is <toro-integrate-home>/core/local-activemq.xml or <toro-integrate-home>/core/remote-activemq.xml, migration is not needed and you may proceed to the next step. In 3.1.0, broker configuration files were moved and are now located under <toro-integrate-home>/conf/broker. If you are using a new or modified configuration, either move it under the new directory or, preferably, modify activemq-embedded.xml or activemq-external.xml to impose your custom configuration.

Migrating broker properties

If you are overriding any activemq.* application properties, modify <toro-integrate-home>/core/activemq-embedded.xml or <toro-integrate-home>/core/activemq-external.xml and use the properties there instead. In 3.1.0, broker properties in application properties files are deprecated and modifying XML configuration files is the preferred way to configure the broker.

Checking the jms.file application property

Finally, ensure the jms.file application property points to the correct file and that the file exists under the <toro-integrate-home>/conf/broker directory.