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Release notes for TORO Integrate v3.2.6

TORO Integrate v3.2.6 was released on June 19, 2019. It addresses the following issues:


  • ESB-3970 - Increase the websocket connection timeout check in websocket examples
  • ESB-4066 - Remove misleading logs when connecting to integrate
  • ESB-4166 - Takes too long to validate configuration on email endpoint


  • ESB-3948 - Response header contains multiple values when using ProxyRequestMethods
  • ESB-3971 - TRACE method returns response code 405
  • ESB-3972 - REST endpoint exposed via REST Alias endpoint and sent as HEAD request throws an exception
  • ESB-3989 - Logs are being published to JMS broker when there are no subscribers
  • ESB-3994 - Inconsistent parameter name for FileMethods (e.g FileMethods.touch)
  • ESB-4040 - OneDriveService throws Could not close the output stream exception
  • ESB-4058 - /esbapi/v1/solr/core/tracker/select returning error 500
  • ESB-4076 - "Could not close the output stream for file..." error on OneDrive and Dropbox VFS
  • ESB-4078 - Deleting an ESB UserGroup that has a user throws ConstraintViolationException
  • ESB-4080 - Cannot configure message properties when using JmsMethods
  • ESB-4168 - Unable to save a monitor rule with cost 500_000.00000
  • ESB-4115 - DELETE request throws 403 when cors.allowed=true