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Release notes for TORO Integrate v3.2.3

TORO Integrate v3.2.3 was released on May 2, 2019. This hotfix addresses a number of known bugs, the most notable of which are those found in the examples package.

  • ESB-3659 - Renaming services bypasses namespace conflict checker
  • ESB-3667 - Integrate logs freezes when executing long-running services
  • ESB-3705 - Unable to load MySQL driver 5.1.x
  • ESB-3712 - JMS destination limit of 5 has been reached on newly created sandbox instance
  • ESB-3726 - ESB APIs adding port number on request
  • ESB-3731 - Gloop model cannot be cast to MultipartFile
  • ESB-3734 - Session limit count reached on sandbox instance
  • ESB-3738 - Session is still displayed on statistics even if it's expired
  • ESB-3742 - Listing files of a connector from marketplace throws an error
  • ESB-3767 - Unable to remotely deploy packages from local instance to SaaS
  • ESB-3786 - Incorrect 'output' reference from Generate Invoke Gloop Code
  • ESB-3794 - com.dropbox.core.BadRequestException when using VfsMethods.getVfsFile() one-liner
  • ESB-3802 - org.apache.commons.vfs2.FileSystemException: Could not determine if file is writable
  • ESB-3815 - Debug sessions not being cleared
  • ESB-3830 - Examples package, service improvements and updates